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For Women in Hematology

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Hi, I am Toyosi Onwuemene, your Coag Coach. Coag represents my hematology subspecialty, hemostasis and thrombosis, while Coach is who I am to women in hematology.

In this space, women in hematology are my primary audience. Specifically, the woman in hematology who is trying to do the impossible - establish a successful career while also creating a life she loves. Yet in trying to create a life she loves, this woman finds that she is being sucked into a vortex where work threatens to overwhelm her life to the exclusion of all else.

This space is for the woman who set out to conquer the world but keeps running into obstacles that attempt to break her. She has fallen flat on her face a few times; perhaps broken a bone or two; shed numerous tears; and thought about giving up more than once. Yet, she hasn't given up. In fact, at this moment, she is still standing. And though she may be knocked down yet once more, you can bet, she will get back up again and again.

O Woman in Hematology, this space is a testament to your courage, tenacity, and stubbornness. Thank you for the courage you show in going where others fear to tread, for your tenacity in fighting for change until you see it happen; and for your stubbornness in coming back to the same issue again and again until someone stops pretending they can't hear you and finally takes you seriously.

This space is for the woman who is not afraid of change. The one who refuses to be defined by one thing. The one who is not afraid to scrap the entire program and start from scratch. The woman who recognizes that the universe is her stage. The woman who knows that she can dance even when there is no music playing. The woman who keeps dancing even when people try to stop her.

This space is for the woman who has questioned her importance. The woman who has wondered if her voice will ever count. This woman has spoken loudly and clearly, only to find that no one "heard" her. This woman has imagined an impossible future, only to be told that she is naive and idealistic. This woman knows that no matter what the naysayers think, she can change the world and will not stop until she does.

This space is for the woman who once was me, knowing that she could be more and achieve more, even when no one would believe she could. This is for the woman who was once lost, placing misguided trust in people who could not show her the way. This woman spent many days agonizing over advice, wondering if her advisors were considering her best interests. This is for the woman who sought community, only to be excluded as one who was unworthy. This is for the woman who creates her own community. One where every woman is loved and welcomed and encouraged to be the best that she can be.

If you resonate with the message, then this space is for you. Perhaps you don't call yourself a woman in hematology; but somehow you sense that my message is for you. If that describes you and you resonate; then, this space is for you, whoever you are. As long as you are here, Coag Coach welcomes you. Here, may you find life transformation.

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