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Introducing the Heme Consults Podcast for Women of Color in Hematology

On Sunday, January 1, 2023, I launched a new podcast called Heme Consults: for women of color in hematology.

What is Heme Consults?

Heme Consults is a weekly inspiration infusion for women of color in hematology.

Heme Consults is a personal space for the woman of color in hematology to rest, recharge, and renew her spirit with a weekly infusion of inspiration. Every week, I will remind the woman in hematology that she is a superstar and has everything she needs to succeed in her incredible career in hematology. Heme Consults: for women of color in hematology is the hematology sisterhood that will transform our world.

In this blog post, I will:

1. Share the story of how Heme Consults came to be,

2. Describe the Heme Consults foundation, content, and structure.

3. Tell you how to get the most out of the Heme Consults podcast