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Dr. Toyosi Onwuemene is an American Board of Internal Medicine-certified hematologist (blood diseases doc) who specializes in academic negotiation coaching.


Dr. Onwuemene's mission is to help clinicians negotiate their academic careers so that they can live their best lives today while also changing the world for the better.

Dr. Onwuemene is an academic negotiation coach. She empowers clinicians to negotiate their way to academic and life success. 

Dr. Onwuemene is a hematology consultant. By gifting her hematology knowledge, she liberates her clients to take on a challenge more suited to their own expertise. 

Dr. Onwuemene is an engaging speaker. She brings new insights to tough problems in a way that is engaging, funny, and inspirational.


To book Dr. Onwuemene for a coaching, consulting, or speaking engagement, fill out our contact form.

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