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Embracing the Battle: A Call to Stand and Fight in Academic Medicine

In the journey of academic medicine, there are battles that must be fought in order to move forward. These battles are pivotal, shaping our careers and the lives we touch. It requires us to stop running, face the challenges head-on, and rally the support of our allies. This blog post delves into the importance of embracing these battles, finding strength in the fight, and the transformative power they hold in our lives as aspiring hematologists, physicians, scientists, and educators.

Stop Running and Face the Battle

The first lesson we encounter is the need to halt our relentless running. It is natural to feel scared and overwhelmed, but evading the battle only prolongs our progress. We must take a stand, recognizing that we are not victims but warriors entering the arena of change. By shifting our perspective and confronting the challenges, we create space for growth and support.

Find Support and Allies

Once we decide to face the battle, we realize that we are not alone. There is a whole army of individuals ready to stand up and fight alongside us. In academic medicine, collaboration and mentorship play a vital role. Seeking guidance from those who have overcome similar challenges in different fields can provide valuable insights and perspectives. It is crucial to engage in meaningful conversations, as they can shape our decisions and lead us towards the path of victory.

The Battle Never Truly Ends

While we may triumph in one battle, the journey in academic medicine is an ongoing process. We must remain committed to the causes we believe in, continuously fighting for our ideas and striving for justice and righteousness. The battles we face define us, and their worth lies in the impact they have on changing lives.

Discover Your New Identity

Engaging in these battles transforms us, unveiling new identities we resonate with. As hematologists, physicians, scientists, and educators, these titles become intertwined with our sense of self. They emerge from the space of struggle, reminding us of the strength we possess and the significance of our work. Our multiple identities reflect the multidimensionality of our endeavors in academic medicine.

Embrace Life After Death

Each battle we conquer serves as a testament to our resilience and determination. There is life beyond the struggles we face, but it requires a conscious decision to embrace it. We must reject the notion of quitting and recognize that our careers and ideas are worth fighting for. By acknowledging the support systems around us and the potential impact we can have, we find the strength to persevere.

Shape Your New Future

Winning the battle allows us to define our futures. We no longer have to return to the spaces where we felt defeated. The transformative nature of the fight empowers us to embrace new attitudes and mindsets. As we continue on our journeys in academic medicine, we invite others to join us in this space of growth and possibility.

In the realm of academic medicine, battles are inevitable. But it is through these struggles that we find our true strength and purpose. By stopping the cycle of running, rallying our allies, and fighting for our beliefs, we pave the way for a better future. Let us celebrate who we are, cherish the life within us, and bless others with our words and actions. With courage and determination, we can navigate the challenges, making lasting contributions that shape the lives of our mentees, tribes, and those we aspire to help. Together, let us embrace the battles and stand tall until victory is won.

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