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Clinician Researcher Academy

A 12-Week Mastery Bootcamp for Clinician Researchers

Are you prepared to redefine the trajectory of your academic path?


For clinicians, creating your own protected time is the key to succeeding in research. You can do this through Clinician Researcher Academy.

Why attend Clinician Researcher Academy? 

It’s the ONLY academy that helps clinicians escape their overflowing clinical work and create a research career EVEN if they don’t a mentor


How will Clinician Researcher Academy help me?

Go from never having published a single paper to publishing multiple papers a year, even if you never find a mentor. 


How is that even possible?

When I first started in research, I was so overwhelmed with clinic, I didn’t even have time to write. 


But, the moment I started using the strategies I teach in the academy, my research productivity exploded. 


I was submitting manuscript after manuscript after manuscript.


I finally figured out how to write grants without all the pain. ​

All of a sudden, I was publishing my own papers with me as first or senior author. Now I was getting invited to give talks.


But Not Everyone is like you

If you haven’t been able to publish manuscripts or get grants, it’s NOT your fault. 


The real problem is that your clinical load is overwhelming. You’re so busy returning patient calls and closing charts that you never have enough time to move your projects forward. 


Or perhaps you struggle to find a mentor because the research you are interested in is “different.”


You’ve even submitted a few grants that didn’t get funded. You worked so had to make the deadline. But still the reviewers didn’t like your idea.


No matter what you do, you can’t seem to move ahead with your research. 


You simply can’t win. 


Join the Revolution

Academic medical centers say they want you to publish manuscripts and submit grants.


Then, they give you a low salary and stick you in a clinic without resources.


They don’t give you protected time for your research.


Even when you have protected time, you’re neck deep in clinical work. 


Then when it comes to time for your annual review, they ask you why you haven’t published?


They want to know why you didn’t submit grants. 


They make it out to be your problem; but it’s not. 


Even your mentors, if you can find them, are struggling to make it work. 


No wonder you are ready to throw in the towel. 


But don’t give up yet. With the right strategy, you can start using the tricks of academic medical centers to your own advantage. 


With what I teach you, you can start and find time to lead YOUR OWN research team.


You can even become the mentor you never had. 


Claim Your Academic Destiny

You’ll want to act now because the advantages of being an “early career” faculty only last so long. 


The longer you wait, the more reviewers ask why you are not further along in your career.


The more time passes by, and people wonder what you have been doing with all that time.


They won’t know you have been too busy to succeed.


They’ll even tell you you are no longer an early stage investigator. 


If you don’t act now, they’ll stop believing you can succeed. Even you might stop believing in your dream. 


How much longer will you defer the one most important reason you went into academia? 


It’s why I invite you to act now, before you become even busier and lose your opportunities. 


Embark on Your Career Odyssey

Ten years ago, when I started as a faculty member, I didn’t have any protected time. They told me I was 80% clinical; yet I was seeing patients 5 days a week. 


I could barely get those charts closed. In fact, on a 3-day weekend, I could be found sleeping on the floor of my office, trying to get it all done.


Even though I did all the right things, including “finding a mentor,” I was still stuck. In fact, I was so busy, my mentor was mad at me for slacking off. 


Sometimes, I pushed myself hard and got a manuscript submitted.


Sometimes, I pulled out all the stops and got the grant in just before the deadline. 


But no matter what I did, I wasn’t making any progress; and all the overwork was crushing me. 


And that is when I found the secret to protecting my time and becoming productive.


It changed my life overnight.


Before I knew it, I was submitting manuscripts all the time. 


All of a sudden, my grants were getting funded.


It was no accident. It was strategy.


And, you too can learn that strategy.



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