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Academic Negotiation Academy

A 12-Week Mastery Bootcamp for Clinician Researchers

Are you prepared to redefine the trajectory of your academic path?


Welcome to Academic Negotiation Academy, an immersive 12-week Mastery Bootcamp tailored to you, the clinician researcher.


Unveil the boundless potential that awaits – attain equitable compensation, crush your career milestones and foster groundbreaking research collaborations.


Our comprehensive program empowers you with the skills, strategies, and confidence to navigate the dynamic world of academic negotiation.

Why attend Academic Negotiation Academy? 

🚀 Elevate Your Value: Recognize your unique strengths and expertise and open doors to thought leadership, career fulfillment and higher compensation. 

🗣️ Become a Masterful Communicator: Unlock the power of impactful communication and experience negotiation confidence, influential advocacy, and global impact.

🌐 Navigate with Authority: Decode institutional dynamics and develop effective leadership, excel in strategic decision making, and grow your influence and impact. 

💼 Redesign Your Compensation:  Command an equitable salary, enhance your career trajectory, and experience financial fulfillment.

💡 Shape Your Destiny: Take charge of your career to experience infinite growth, achieve work-life harmony, and create your academic legacy.


The Academic Negotiation Academy Experience

🎓 Designed for you: A personalized curriculum that will unlock your unique academic benefits.

🌀 Weekly Engagement Schedule: Guided mastery sessions to unveil your potential alongside a diverse community of peers.

🔑 Negotiation Hours: A personalized negotiation laboratory to refine your skills in a supportive and dynamic environment.

📚 Negotiation Mindset Enrichment:  Immerse yourself in the "Book of the Month" to transform your negotiation mindset.

🌟 Negotiation Momentum: Fuel your growth and stay engaged in the art of negotiation within a community of like-minded individuals.

🌞 Success Scripting: Craft your negotiation success story through powerful affirmations that fortify your mindset.

🎙️ Empowerment Echoes: Tune into our daily podcast to engage with bite-sized episodes of practical wisdom.

🔁 Knowledge Playback: Can't make a session? Use our audio replays to revisit valuable insights, discussions, and strategies.

📋 Empowered Practice Quests: Enhance your negotiation prowess with curated assignments designed to refine your skills.


What People Are Saying

🗨️ "Very compelling to think of [negotiation] as a learned life skill."

🗨️ "[I] really appreciated talking about how we can negotiate."

🗨️ "I learned about the need for education and resources about negotiation."

🗨️ "[She framed] negotiation as a key skill to enhance not only personal wellbeing, but also benefits to the institution and patients . . . "

🗨️ "[Dr. Onwuemene] encouraged us to negotiate and feel free to ask for more . . ." 


Your Academic Negotiation Journey Awaits

📅 Timeframe: 12 Weeks of transformation

🗓️ Weekly Engagement: Live sessions every Monday

📣 Format: Webinars, group coaching, office hours, podcasts

📋 Assignments: Weekly tasks to hone your expertise

🏆 Reward: Academic negotiation mastery


Join the Revolution

Have academic success your way! Join Academic Negotiation Academy – where clinicians take control of their academic destinies.


Claim Your Academic Destiny

Limited spots available. Secure your place in the transformative 12-week Mastery Bootcamp today.


Embark on Your Career Odyssey

Join the 12-week academic adventure that redefines your trajectory. Enroll now and embrace the remarkable possibilities awaiting you.


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