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If you are a fellow starting Hematology/Oncology fellowship, the Hematology (Heme) Consult Service has a significant impact on building your professional brand. Investing your time in the Heme Consult Service during your fellowship can shape your career and contribute to your long-term success. From establishing a distinct brand to developing essential skills like leadership, strategic prioritization, and quick thinking, the Heme Consult service offers invaluable opportunities for growth and expertise. 

Heme Consults with Dr. Onwuemene: The Fellow's Guide to the First 30 Days

  • This book is a thinking guide for new heme/onc fellows starting on the consults service. Rather than medical knowledge, this book focuses on the principles underlying successful functioning on the Heme Consult service. This book will help you get the most out of your Heme Consult experience.

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